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Peak Coolant 50/50 Pre-Mix

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PEAK READY USE® GREEN Pre-Mixed Antifreeze/Coolant provides convenience and protection all in one. A 50/50 mixture, by volume, of quality PEAK® antifreeze and water. Provides maximum protection against scale, rust, corrosion, freeze-up and boil-over. Pre-mixed with deionized water, requires no additional mixing.

  • Maximum Freeze-Up/Boil-Over Protection
  • Prevents Sludge Clogging
  • Protects Against Scale Build-Up, Rust And Corrosion
  • Protects All Cooling System Metals
  • Patented Formulas Protects Against Scale, Rust And Corrosion Of Cooling System Metals, While Providing Maximum Freeze-Up And Boil-Over Protection
Type: 50-50 Pre-Diluted
Unit Size: 1 Gallon
Unit Type: Jug
Unit Quantity: Single