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VP Racing Fuels Ethanol Fuel Treatment

VP Racing
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VP Racing Fuels, Inc., in partnership with B3C Fuel Solutions, today introduced the newest addition to its VP Small Engine Fuel product line - “Fix-It Fuel™,” a fuel system treatment that cleans and rejuvenates poor/non-running small engines damaged by ethanol. Designed as a single use treatment, Fix-It Fuel is a pre-mixed ETHANOL-FREE 89 Octane gas + oil blend. Although mixed with oil at 50:1, it works in any 2 and 4-cycle small engine application. Fortified with B3C’s Mechanic In A Bottle ™ , Fix-It Fuel cleans and repairs the fuel system without having to remove the carburetor or injectors, avoiding costly repairs and downtime. While running in your engine, Fix-It Fuel cleanses your equipment's fuel system so it starts more easily and operates in top condition.

  • Cleans Carburetors And Injectors Without Removal
  • Safely Clean Varnish And Carbon Deposits
  • Remove Water That Causes Corrosion
  • Fixes Ethanol Issues Caused By Pump Gas
  • Rejuvenates Rubber And Plastic
  • Revitalizes Stale Fuel
  • Reduces Costly Repairs And Downtime
  • Unit Size1 Quart